Our Founder

George Diaconu
Founder and CEO

Founded by George Diaconu in 2021, Alternatives Portfolio Solutions LLC draws on his extensive experience in building and leading Private Markets Portfolio Solutions functions at KKR and Partners Group across North America and Europe.

As Global Head of Private Markets Portfolio Construction and Strategic Partnerships Asset Allocation lead at KKR, George was involved in managing some of the world's most complex Private Markets multi-asset portfolios. He also previously served as Head of European Portfolio Management at Partners Group, one of Europe's largest Alternative Investments institutions, where he managed the firm's European Customized Portfolio Solutions business.

George studied Financial Engineering and Financial Economics at UC Berkeley, the London School of Economics, University of St Gallen and Harvard. Throughout his career, he has pioneered numerous novel approaches to structuring, managing, and modeling a wide range of Private Markets portfolios for both Institutional and Private Wealth channels, including commingled funds, multi-asset customized portfolios, Insurance Solutions, Evergreens, and ELTIF funds.

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